Wednesday, May 1

Album Of Last Month

Frank Turner 'Tape Deck Heart' (Xtra Mile Recordings)

He is not a Tory. He is not a BNP apologist. And he is not a whore who sold his soul to Wembley Arena and scattered the blood-soaked internal remains to anyone who bought Million Dead's debut album on release day. Alright, fine… you can have the last one. But on 'Tape Deck Heart' (scuse the shocking title), Frank Turner's fifth solo album, the smiley 'lil folk-punkster is about as straight to the point as it gets; heartbroken, angry and, if his promo campaign goes as it means, about to launch himself headfirst into another stab at those arenas… if not more. 'Four Simple Words' is the best thing here and about sums up his whole shtick ("Forget about your bitching and remember that you're blessed, punk is for the kids who never fit in with the rest"). Simplistic, sure… but sometimes that's all you need.