Saturday, May 11

Life Goes On?!

My life changed forever on Wednesday.

It was a rush of dread and fear I've not experienced since the last kick of last season. Only much, much worse.

I always knew this day would come, but not now. I'd seen the rumours the night before, and even if my head did start to spin somewhat then, it was only until I read the words "Sir Alex Ferguson retires" on Twitter - in a toilet cubical, no less - when it stung.

It's sort of a feeling of 'Wait, so we're still supposed to go on? There is life still to exist?!'

Though I'm not dumb enough to believe in a higher being, I sometimes think I'm just meant to support United; they're like a happy pill of relief for all the shit I've gone through.

He was made United boss a month after I was born. I don't know what it's like to support another team; all I've experienced is glory and, well, heartbreak from so nearly achieving glory again.

It's not easy being a United fan when the expectation is to win all the time. Because when we don't, it just feels wrong. And it was Alex who instilled that in us.

When Beckham left, God was still there. When van Nistelrooy left, God was still there. When Ronaldo left, God was still there. Now, God is not there.

I like that Utd have already announced a successor; it's sensible to act quick. I also like the successor; anyone who Alex backs is fine by me.

But see, Moyes can win the Champions League, the Premier League, even bring back Ronaldo. But his blood isn't United-red and though I know Ferguson's wasn't at first, he's all I've ever known.

I'll forever proudly hold my seat in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. It just doesn't feel the same anymore.