Wednesday, May 8

Thank You, Alex

Dear Alex,

I just want to say thank you.

Football, Manchester United rather, is a massive, massive part of my life. The memories you've given me - both good and bad - will stay with me forever.

I could not have asked for a better leader. No-one has your determination, your power, your drive. I feel inspired because of your mentality to succeed and that's in my life, not just football.

Thank you for Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Keane, Robson, Ince, Kanchelskis, Schmeichel, McClair, Beckham, Bruce, Pallister, Cantona, Irwin, Solskjaer, Cole, Yorke, Sheringham, Stam, RVN, RVP, De Gea, Van Der Sar, Rafael, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Evans, Jones, Smalling, Chicharito, Carrick, Valencia, Rooney, Ronaldo and the rest.

Thank you for the 13 Premier Leagues, 2 Champions Leagues, 5 FA Cups and 4 League Cups. Thank you for the times it didn't work out; it only made us stronger.

My favourite memory of all, though, has to be standing behind the goal in Moscow in 2008 and seeing Van der Sar save Anelka's penalty… what a feeling. My other favourites are watching Ronaldo's debut v Bolton, Owen's last-minute winner v City and even RVP's title-winning hat-trick v Villa the other week.

I appreciate how lucky I am to support our club and can't even begin to imagine what it's like not to be a Manchester United fan.

I always knew this day would come and fuck, it hurts. It will take me time to get my head around it and, honestly, United just won't ever mean the same to me.

I will forever hold my season ticket in your company, the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. I can't believe I got to experience your era; thank you so much.

Love from,