Wednesday, March 26

I’m Really Starting To Like The Guy

Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest football manager of all time. We should kiss the fucking ground every fucking day that we lived through his reign. He took Manchester United to the greatest heights of all. And as a United fan, I’m more grateful than he could know.

Being the biggest football club in the world, however, can be troubling. We attract a lot of people, and where there’s a lot of people, a lot of those people will inevitably be fuckwits. By which I mean, utter fucking morons who don’t even deserve to call United their team.

These are the people who feel entitled and spoilt and believe United have a divine right to win the league. We don’t.

That left us the very second Ferguson left us. It is no doubt a strange feeling and hard to get used to, sitting outside the top position - let alone in 7th. But the thing is, these fuckwits want our new manager out before he’s even been in the job 10 months.

There are many reasons as to why we are in 7th. Our rivals have stepped the fuck up; the players haven’t stepped the fuck up; Moyes has indeed made some poor decisions.

And it has been way fucking worse than anyone would have thought it.

But I don’t want my team to be another fucking Chelsea or City or Tottenham and sack their manager when it’s not going right. I want my team to remain relaxed - maybe even live life on the edge the next couple years - and wait for Moyes to get it right.

We don’t have a right to win anything and the more the fuckwits believe that, they can fuck off and support a team who does. It’ll be a hard couple of years, but if Moyes isn’t the guy, he deserves the time to figure it out.

We won’t become a small team after 20 years, this is not the end of Manchester United and it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. The empire Ferguson built can take a couple years without gold. We will come back stronger and hopefully Moyes will take us there.

... And all this pressure and talk of him needing to go, I’m really starting to like the guy.