Sunday, May 18

Things Ed Woodard Has Done Wrong

1. The Glazers - Advising the rich Glazer family to buy Manchester United, who as a result were plunged into £600m of debt.

2. Summer 2013 - The first transfer window he was given - in which he made failed and very public attempts to sign Cesc Fabregas, Leighton Baines, Ander Herrera, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. David Moyes - Sacking Moyes the morning after a day in which the news was already leaked to journalists, to the point that Moyes found out on social media before he was told himself.

4. Rio Ferdinand - Informing the long-serving defender that his contract would not be renewed in the dressing room after United's final game of the 2013/14 season, meaning Rio could not have any kind of sendoff with fans.

5. Sir Alex Ferguson - Managing to freeze out the biggest legend of them all from key boardroom decisions, such as the process of hiring Moyes's replacement.

6. Briefing journalists - The amount a big club like United have leaked to the press over the years has always been worrying. Understandably, it's a staff of thousands and some stuff is simply uncontrollable. But Fergie and Gill kept their transfer business generally secretive and they even rewarded the other clubs involved for doing the same. This kept a nice stability and shrewdness about United. While some info will always be uncontrollable - such as the player who leaked team news to The Mirror under Moyes - Woodward has made it his business to brief journalists about our business. This may be to unsettle players and work in our favour, but given that it is yet to work even once, it seems, I'd rather he followed the previous model and not humiliate the club so publicly.

7. - Coming soon... :-(

Ed may love the power of being 'in charge' of the world's biggest football club, but his handling of decisions and insensitivity is harming the club's image of being a big family with class.

Please, whichever Glazer has the most power, get this fuckwit out of my club.