Monday, August 31

These Are The Worst Two Days In My United-Supporting Life

Day 1: Lose to Swansea City away in the exact same fucking manner we did last season, showing absolutely no signs of improvement whatsoever. We are supposed to be moving forwards - it’s the third post-SAF season now - not standing still or going backwards. LVG is asking way too fucking much in this stupid, rigid playing style. Just let them be free. LET THEM BE FREE.

Day 2: Be prepared to sell David de Gea to Real Madrid after acting Phil Mitchell all summer, only to play Ian Beale at the very last minute. I don’t blame de Gea - I understand why he wants to leave for those evil cunts in Madrid. And I love him - he's been my favourite player since 2011 and I'm so sad I once had him on the back of my outfield shirt - but he should have signed a contract the moment he was dithering, because we made him the player he’s become. It’s disrespectful. But LVG and his awful man management by dropping him and not at least trying to get his head right? But mostly the worst of all with Ed out-of-his-depth Woodward’s posturing turning out to be nothing but weakness? Fuck me. Shameful.

I want my United back. I want free-flowing, attacking football and I want classy decision-making off the field. Woodward can definitely fuck off. LVG? I'm really starting to feel the same.