Saturday, September 12

These Are The Best Two Days In My United-Supporting Life (Or At Least Post-SAF, Anyway)

Day 1: David de Gea signs a new contract, showing that he's happy, focussed and ready to go this season. He'll probably still go to Evil Madrid eventually - but at least now we'll get some value for him and keep the best goalkeeper in the world for a bit longer... And maybe, just maybe, his contract is a message to Evil Madrid that he now hates their evil ass for intentionally sabotaging his deadline-day transfer, and he'll stay at Utd forever and ever and ever.

Day 2: Beat our biggest rivals 3-1 in the biggest game of LVG's Utd career, after his strict tactics cost us against Newcastle and Cunts Swansea. The first half was reflective of the season so far, but then we showed great will - Utd will - in the second half, mostly thanks to Ashley Young. Him, DdG, Darmian, Smalling, Blind, Shaw, Schweinsteiger and Herrera were all superb... Oh, and Anthony Martial? That goal is better than any Thierry Henry ever scored. :-)

So, after the two worst days post-Ferguson, we get the two best... Woodward can still fuck off, though.

Monday, August 31

These Are The Worst Two Days In My United-Supporting Life

Day 1: Lose to Swansea City away in the exact same fucking manner we did last season, showing absolutely no signs of improvement whatsoever. We are supposed to be moving forwards - it’s the third post-SAF season now - not standing still or going backwards. LVG is asking way too fucking much in this stupid, rigid playing style. Just let them be free. LET THEM BE FREE.

Day 2: Be prepared to sell David de Gea to Real Madrid after acting Phil Mitchell all summer, only to play Ian Beale at the very last minute. I don’t blame de Gea - I understand why he wants to leave for those evil cunts in Madrid. And I love him - he's been my favourite player since 2011 and I'm so sad I once had him on the back of my outfield shirt - but he should have signed a contract the moment he was dithering, because we made him the player he’s become. It’s disrespectful. But LVG and his awful man management by dropping him and not at least trying to get his head right? But mostly the worst of all with Ed out-of-his-depth Woodward’s posturing turning out to be nothing but weakness? Fuck me. Shameful.

I want my United back. I want free-flowing, attacking football and I want classy decision-making off the field. Woodward can definitely fuck off. LVG? I'm really starting to feel the same.

Sunday, July 12

Thank You, Robin

To the striker I always wanted my team to have, the man that scored that hat-trick past Southampton, those winners against City and Chelsea, that third strike against Villa, Title 20 and - best of all - the player who made his former team of losers give him a guard of honour...

Thank you.

Saturday, May 16

And In The Second Post-Ferguson Season

Top 4 secured. What a respectful tribute. And that sun? Don't worry, it's coming. :-)

Monday, December 1

Albums Of 2014 - No. 15 to No. 1

1. Bombay Bicycle Club 'So Long, See You Tomorrow'

2. Alt-J 'This Is All Yours'

3. Jamie T 'Carry On the Grudge'

4. Coldplay 'Ghost Stories'

5. Lonely the Brave 'The Day's War'

6. Interpol 'El Pintor'

7. Ben Howard 'I Forget Where We Are'

8. Nick Mulvey 'First Mind'

9. The Orwells 'Disgraceland'

10. TV On The Radio 'Seeds'

11. Banks 'Goddess'

12. Matthew And The Atlas 'Other Rivers'

13. Jungle 'Jungle'

14. James Vincent McMorrow 'Post Tropical'

15. Karen O 'Crush Songs'