Thursday, December 27

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2007 - Top 10

10. Tellison 'Contact! Contact!' (Gravity DIP)
A bit like Fall Out Boy, only with electronic musical instruments. Sure every band is doing that, but this is wicked.

9. Kings Of Leon 'Because of the Times' (Columbia)
They get stronger album by album. 'Because of the Times' is filled with nothing but ace guitar rock. One of the best bands in the world.

8. Manchester Orchestra 'I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child' (Columbia)
If I've got to wait another year for a new Death Cab record, than Manchester Orchestra will do for now. This is beautiful.

7. Alterkicks 'Do Everything I Taught You' (B-Unique)
Not enough people know about this brilliant record. If I was their press person I'd make sure the world knew about it.

6. The Wombats 'A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation' (14th Floor)
One of the most exciting bands around right now. Liverpool couldn't have wished for a better band to front their amazing new music scene.

5. Radiohead 'In Rainbows' (XL)
I love that the music industry didn't know about the release, let alone the rest of the world. It is also their best ever album!

4. Bloc Party 'A Weekend In The City' (Wichita)
I was too young when 'OK Computer' came out. So Bloc Party are my Radiohead.

3. Editors 'An End Has A Start' (Kitchenware)
Depressing? Not one iota is it. Editors have surprisingly bettered their debut with an album totally worth living for. Offers of hope, inspiration and everything else you’d find truly floating in and around the black parade shines through ‘An End Has A Start’ by means of big riffs and Tom Smith’s peerless voice on highlights including 'An End Has A Start', 'Push Your Head Towards The Air' and 'Well Worn Hand'.

2. The Maccabees 'Colour It In' (Fiction)
'Colour It In' is a sweet, sensitive and modern record by a band who aint in this to shoot their mouths off, but instead employ choppy guitars underneath witty lyrics about running away from scary girls all packed up in very pretty self-designed cover art. This is a band for my generation. Our generation.

1. Jakobinarina 'The First Crusade' (Regal)
Teenagers. Making their very own bands, staging their very own festivals and right here in ‘The First Crusade’, building the best damn pop-rocking tunes this side of Hard-Fi. Never before have adolescents played such a part in transforming the so-called fragile safety of indie rock. Jakobinarina are a six-piece from Iceland, and they stand superior with a bigger chip on their shoulders than anyone. Jam-packed within this little nugget of a debut is, purely, the truth. From beginning to end singer Gunnar shouts out against the musically average, the fake front of Hollywood and, at the nucleus, society in all its shapes and sizes. It’s both scary and refreshing. Yet with such punk and vital values, amp’d-up thunder and deliberately distorted strings aren’t needed here. Instead, a pure bundle of straight up sugary keyboard clatter packed in among exceedingly infectious guitar lines all help to push Jako’s points across as raw and sincere as any.
‘Woke up early this morning and I thought to myself I’ve nothing live for, I’ve nothing to look forward to except next weekend because there will be a dance revolution’ states an insecure Gunnar in album-starter ‘Monday I’m In Vain’, snuffed out by some folked-up and startling Spanish guitar. Latest single ‘His Lyrics Are Disastrous’ scornfully swipes at what mostly fills up our charts and channels, before the deliciously dazzling spitting synths and spats of ‘Jesus’ come at you with one fine irony-crammed line at the heart, ‘Jump around to the sounds of mediocrity’. Witty words of wisdom are yanked out all over this record, and moreover in should-be Single of the Year, ‘This Is An Advertisement’, where Gunnar yells, ‘We didn’t even change our name to the Coca-Cola band just to get our buckets filled’. However, ‘The First Crusade’ is not truly complete until ‘Spit Me In The Eye’, which goes about itself in the true manner this band has implied all along. Away is all the mockery and sarcasm, and now Gunnar proudly states exactly what he feels and intends. ‘Curse me with all the curses that you know… Please spit me in the eye and hit me, I think I’ll cope… Let your hate consume you… Do you really think that I care about what you think about me?’
Free of whatever so-called norms and values are shoved down our throats and minds, Jakobinarina are simply their own identity, and this record is absolutely necessary.