Thursday, April 26

Earl Grey and the Lego Men

There really is nothing like a big fat slab of innovation to heat one city's scene up.

This lot are called Earl Grey and the Lego Men and they could be the most groundbreaking, genre-crossing phenomenon since, erm, Enter Shikari.

Actually, dare I say it but they could be that little bit more superior.

It's Joy Division on top of Run DMC below My Chem by means of Dizzee with a little Klaxons on the side. Oh, and REM for leftovers.

‘Secret Bunkers’ twirls around like a braver Linkin Park, and ‘Ghoul Town’ bashes out like Trent Reznor talking to The Twang about religion.

Deep and dark guitar picking haunted by scary basslines only to be interrupted by some rap backed up by the sweet sounds of soothing synths filled their set at Barfly last week.

Plus, the lyrics are fuelled with the kinda stuff Billy Bragg would hash out, only less deep and more user-friendly.

Is it weird or is it amazing? Well, the lead singer did attempt a chorus ideal for Brand New’s latest record? Thus, I'm going for the latter.

Earl Grey and the Lego Men on Myspace

Monday, April 23

Live Review - What happened when Video Nasties came to town...

Video Nasties – Korova – April 19

It’s rather empty down here. Little does every single soul who’s not got their ass within this very hot and very sweaty Korova know that genuine Twee Pop genius is tunnelling up live before us.

Two afros and a lead singer who looks like The Feeling’s lead singer make up 3 out of this 5-lot, and with such in-time guitar picking, pretty keyboard noise making swishes going on, Video Nasties meet all the right rules to join The Maccabees, The Pigeon Detectives and all this other new Brit pop stuff knocking around right now for a nice big fat revolution of, erm, New Britpop.

‘Accessory’ is packed with most infectious strings post-Hard to Explain, all with a front man, albeit who has an empty floor in front of him, decides to jump off stage guitar-in-hand and stare at his fellow band. Crazy or what?!

On their first outing to Scouse Land this lot are equipped with nothing but god damn good tuneage, plus shouty harmonies about singing in the shower whilst singing on the stage – ironic or what?! – has never seemed so hip.

Video Nasties on Myspace

Thursday, April 19


Not bad. Not bad at all.

Friday, April 13

Indica Ritual

Maybe I'm missing the point. But...

A little less cowbell, a little more guitar. A little more guitar, a little less cowbell. Blah blah blady blah!

This wave raving spun-off drivel goes by the name of Indica Ritual, some Scouse cluster attempting to mimic their way into Planet Good Music.

A bit like Enter Shikari without the emo, ‘Num Lock’ is a dull splatter of inane for-the-hell-of-it noises spread underneath the lead singer’s impression, without realising it, of the main one from Boy Kill Boy. Big yuck.

As time was filled further at Korova last month by minutes of not one but two keyboards spattering each other with rubbish clinks and clanks, the crowd were too new-raved out to even take in what is going on before them.

I know this blog is meant to support innovative Scouse sounds but In what will inevitably be a few months packed with scene sequel claptrap, the sooner the fat is cut from the meat, the better.

They're playing in the city this and next month I think.

Indica Ritual on Myspace

Thursday, April 5

Guild of Defiants

This lot are four clean-cut chaps with their shirts tucked in who play dulcet yet distorted guitars underneath some sharp and witty words.

Judging by such, a few weeks back I could've been in the midst of an early Weezer show at some packed out underground club in Los Angeles.

But in fact it was a half-full Korova impatiently waiting for the headliners, unaware that genuine pop-genius twas live before them.

‘Vis a Vis’ is Blue Album-type strings with Jimmy Chamberlin on drums and Frank Black’s loveably irksome squeal to conclude.

What with KoL doing their own Pixies take on 'Charmer' and Pumpkins en route for Reading, the emergence of 90s Americana is an ideal breath of fresh air right now, thus it just couldn't be a better time to of hit the Mersey.

Guild of Defiants on Myspace

Monday, April 2

March - Album of Last Month

It is indeed that time of the month again - only not again because this is the first time I've done this!

So, what was Shout and Twist's favourite album released last month? Arcade Fire? Enter Shikari? No and no. But...

Good Shoes - Think Before You Speak – Brille Records
Quite possibly one of the albums of this year, Morden four-piece Good Shoes have made one mighty delicious collection of 14 songs packed with hip hooks and witty words.
Probably would've fit perfectly when all that art-rock stuff was all over everywhere, but today this record stands out today as a true, modern and unforgettable debut.

Best Track
In the City