Monday, June 18

Knowsley Hall Music Festival is go!

What? A festival? In Liverpool? Too damn right. This coming weekend marks Merseyside's biggest ever festival, and there's quite a line up.

You got The Who headlining Saturday, with The Coral, The View (Blah), The Thrills and Candie Payne supporting as well as a few others including a Myspace stage.

On Sunday, Keane are supported by The Zutons, Joss Stone (Blah blah), the amazing Wombats, Ross Copperman and a few other bands are playing Myspace stage too.

So a pretty good line up for the first year.

For more details and ticket stuff go here

Friday, June 8

Bit of an Update

Eugene McGuiness - the first artist ever featured on here - is to release a mini album through Double Six titled the rather cool named 'The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness' and will be out in August. Also the front single 'Monsters Under The Bed' is out July 2. He's getting played on Lamacq and Xfm so all good things seem to be happening on the Eugene front. Oh yeah, he's doing Glastonbury too. Actually, he's doing for what I've decided to call a pre-Glastonbury show in Liverpool at Korova on June 18. Go!

Peter and the Wolf - also doing Glastonbury, and some festival in Italy called 'Operation Sound and Music Festival'. They're currently making some tuneage for further releases most probably out later this year.

The Wombats - currently the biggest band in the UK! Well, maybe not, but they sure will be. The amazing 'Kill the Director' is out June 25. CSS have made a remix which you can check out on The Wombats' Myspace too. They too are playing Glastonbury, as well as a whole load of more festival, UK dates and a few HMV instores on the day of release.

goFASTER>> - debut single 'She Starts Monday' is out now on This Is Fake DIY. They're playing some festival in Someset too. But it's not Glastonbury, it's the 'Farm Festival 2007'. Hmmm.

Earl Grey and the Lego Men - playing Barfly on July 12.

Also, you may have noticed the little video on the left. It's something I made about the acoustic scene in the city right now.

Friday, June 1

May - Album of Last Month

It's been one awesome month for music in general. I've found out about loadsa new bands/artists and as far as releases go, well, it's just been one big release after another. But the one that stood out the most is by far my favourite album of the year thus far and believe me, that is one very cool feat.

The Maccabees - Colour It In - Fiction

(I've just pasted in the review I did for subba-cultcha, as they are my words after all!)

Art-rock. What is it? Choppy guitars underneath witty lyrics about running away from scary girls all packed up in very pretty self-designed cover art? Judging by this delicious debut from Brighton’s brightest five-piece, all of the above and a whole lot more.
‘Colour It In’ is one of this year’s most anticipated records, and BOY does it live up to expectations!

Tis filled to the brim with nothing but sweet sounding guitars, the catchiest of choruses and lead singer Orlando Weeks telling tales of local swimming pools, super Scalectrix and learning that screaming ‘Are we there yet?’ doesn’t get you there any faster.
Though if you’ve had your eyes and ears glued to the right channels and stations in the last eighteen months then you’ll already be fully aware of singles ‘X-Ray’, ‘Latchmere’ and ‘First Love’, as well as recent hype-maker ‘About Your Dress’.

But this album certainly doesn’t end there. Radio-gracious yet sincerely charming, The Maccabees know exactly how to make Great songs and exactly how to mould them.
‘Good Old Bill’ is first out the door, and it’s an introduction you wouldn’t suppose, steadily building drums by guitar into a rather cute number weaving round from tinny tones to clear, jumpy and eager finger picking, smoothly shifting through to the absolute corker that is ‘X-Ray’.

Hugo, Felix and Rupert’s strings get even more sugary in ‘All In Your Rows’, a damn fine tune Bloc Party might’ve made for their second album if Kele never stepped foot in East London.
Nevertheless it gets even stronger, as ‘Latchmere’, one of this record’s total standouts, freely clinks and clanks by means of straight cords and cheery harmonies. ‘Swimming, swimming, swimming...’ starts off a comical tale of Battersea’s Latchmere Leisure Centre, along with ‘Madames and monsieurs please return to your cubicles’ and the concluding line ‘Latchmere’s got a wave machine’.

Current single ‘Precious Time’ is few minutes of proper indie-rock bliss, as a fragile Orlando stands above chopped up guitars to responsibly declare ‘Let’s make time work for us’ before timidly asking ‘Are you still mine?’.
‘O.A.V.I.P.’ is that little bit prettier, while ‘Happy Faces’ fearlessly tells of cries of pain and rejoice for ‘Happy faces alone’ over what are now trademark guitar lines.

The jerky rush of ‘Lego’ is all cute and charming, and album-closer ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ goes full circle to that tinny ambience via stripped down acoustic G and love-linked lyrics.

‘Colour It In’ is a sweet, sensitive and modern record by a band who aint in this to shoot their mouths off, but instead employ choppy guitars underneath witty lyrics about running away from scary girls all packed up in very pretty self-designed cover art. This is a band for my generation. Our generation.

Best Track