Thursday, September 27

Oh, And Another Thing...

The Wombats And Their All-Important Homecoming

Carling Academy. Last Sunday.

There’s no doubt that the present time is extremely healthy for this Scouse pop fussing three-piece to launch themselves silly into our all-important world of supermarket CD racks and daytime radio play lists. Sure banging on about Bridget Jones, a stripper named Patricia and dancing to Joy Division smells the stink of expiry-date stamped novelty that’ll go away next year. But there’s something very special about The Wombats, and fortunately for every single last one of us, they’re going to be around for many moons to come.
‘Wombats, Wombats, Wombats’ repeats some harmonic choir as they head out on stage to fittingly kick start the set with their first ever single ‘Lost In The Post’. Already you sense they feel at home, snuggling the room’s young hearts and minds with countless sugary nuggets, and it’s that tingle inside of you they can’t help but cause that sets them apart from everyone else. Hell it even helps relieve the fact that the place is nearing boiling point temperature, much evident beneath singer Matthew Murphy’s armpits. Though that doesn’t stop him urge the entire crowd to turn round and chant ‘Happy Birthday’ to his mum, prior to skipping into joyous anthem ‘Kill The Director’. He and drummer Dan Haggis then swap instruments for Norwegian bassist Tord Ă˜verland Knudsen’s native rendition of the Postman Pat theme, before finishing up with ‘Backfire At The Disco’. This lot are simply Kings in Liverpool. They are the most important, fun and essential band the city has known for decades. Four decades to be precise.

(By the way that picture wasn't taken last weekend at the gig. It's just such a great picture!)

Wednesday, September 26

Earl Grey And The Lego Men At The Cavern Club

Standing at the back of the planet’s most famous club watching constant and lifeless guitar drab is both ironic and insulting. At least until Earl Grey and the Lego Men come on. Thanks to this Scouse five-piece and their bizarre electro-shocking hip-hop mumbling racket, the very hot and sweaty Cavern is being refreshed in every sense. One sec you’re boogying away to some nu-raving strings, the next it’s so down in here the relief of that new Radiohead record can’t come quicker. Though the notion of swapping Mersey beating disco with Eminem sad song type-rap may sound ridiculous, EGLM seem to have it spot on. Besides, whatever underlying political/sociological meaning is getting nattered here, it’s most probably important. Just like this band.

Tuesday, September 25


Okay, there's so much amazing stuff going on right now, which is why I haven't had the time to post anything new up. This fantastic album cover though is hot off the press, and there'll be loads more soon. So don't go away now you here!

Monday, September 17

Even More Of Those Marsupials!

Liverpool love The Wombats, and The Wombats love Liverpool. No doubt there, and now to celebrate this century's most important album, the wonderful HMV are sorting out a special midnight show and signing on the day of the release. (29/10 in case you forgot!)

And they're doing an acoustic set at HMV on Thursday 18th at 5pm too.

Word has it there's even some exclusive boat shows on the Mersey for even more fun and mayhem around the release!

Saturday, September 15

Brace Yourselves

Liverpool Music Week looks effing incredible this year. I'll have lots and lots soon but for now here's a quick peep at just some of the names set to grace our beloved city later this year -

Kaiser Chiefs
The Chemical Brothers
Simian Mobile Disco
Good Shoes
Eugene McGuinness
Lightspeed Champion
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

They're using Aintree Pavilion as a venue so I figure that's how they got the bigger names. Though I think The Wombats should headline the entire week, or any week ever anywhere! Because they're amazing. Whoa, lost track there - Yeah so LMW 07 looks awesome, and I'll be writing a whole lot more soon...

Go here for cool HTML stuff -

Monday, September 10

Bold Street

Quite the turf is Bold Street. Jam-packed with men's clothes stores, a newsagent that fortunately closes at 3am on a Sunday morning, and now the name of the next single from Eugene McGuinness.

How cool is that?! And I mean for the whole city (not just for those who live literally three roads away like myself.)

'I always find myself on this road... A fake American diner... Burberry check, roadside sex and police cars... Will I make it out alive?'

What? Bold Street? Yeah, that sounds about right.

It's out on October 29, which is the same day that this year's most important album get's released too. But you knew that already. So buy it then, and download it now below!

Bold Street

Saturday, September 8

To My Boy

I feel bad. How can I of gone this long without mentioning Liverpool's most exciting new powerpopping electro popsters?!

To My Boy are a two-piece signed to Abeano (awesome!) who released their very good debut album 'Messages' a little while back. I was surprised by how good the album was and is, considering they just kind of crept up onto the scene as well.

This is the video to their new single 'Fear of Fragility' -

Oh, and here's their Myspace

Wednesday, September 5

A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation

That is the title of The Wombats debut album! Well, debut album outside of Japan anyway!

The cover art is yet to be published. Though I've mentioned a dozen times already, October 29th is indeed that all-important date for every single one of us to go out there and download/purchase a whole lotta copies.

And the second the cover art is posted anywhere, it shall be making its way to this blog immediately.

Sunday, September 2

August - Album of Last Month

Though in the last few weeks I've been listening to albums that didn't technically come out last month such as The Kissaway Trail and Madina Lake (both ace!), as well as ones that aren't techincallu out there yet such as The Rumble Strips and Jakobinarina (meh and my album of the year respectively!), my album of last month was going to go to Kate Nash. Then on Monday I bought a certain CD I've been waffling on about on here for a good while. Even though I'm extremely peeved it's had no press or buzz surrouding it whatsoever, it truly is quite a masterpiece...

Alterkicks - Do Everything I Taught You - B-Unique

Ever since I heard this lot probably a good three years ago when the single 'Do Everything I Taught You' was getting a lot of Zane-play, it was obvious there was something special about 'em. This was way before I started uni here, but when I got here I got to interview them for my old uni mag which for me was great. But there was no real buzz about them, and to be honest, ever since that first ever single released through Fierce Panda, there's been none at all. It's a real shame, because they are by far one Liverpool's most exciting 'new' prospects.

Stephen Street produced this, and he's a genius. There's no weak track on here, they are not at all some kind of Wombats spin-off and considering they're on the same label as The Twang and Kaiser Chiefs, it should make total sense for them to be as bigger than what they are. Song for song, 'Do Everything I Taught You' is choc-a-bloc with just damn straight fine indie. The fact that iTunes didn't even recognise this CD when I put it in tells everything about this band :(

Best Track
Reach Out