Thursday, November 29

Music Week Is Here People!

After a long, grueling year here in Europe's most cultured city finally Liverpool Music Week is back. Okay it really wasn't grueling, and if anything it was the opposite, but one - I just needed a good intro, and two - there just couldn't be a more perfect way to end Liverpool's wondrous live scene of 07.

Good Shoes! Lightspeed! Eugene McGuinness! Elle S'appelle! goFASTER>>! Noah & the Whale! So many more too, I can't wait. Oh, I'm now over my whole 'Why the hell aren't The Wombats headlining?' rage as the organisers told me they tried their very best, but it just couldn't work out.

But whatever, cause tonight The Delta Fiasco and albeit rubbish nu-glow-stick lot New Young Pony Club begin this year's Liverpool Music Week! Tomorrow is amazing with Good Shoes, but check out all my picks a couple of posts ago.

I'll be updating this as I go along, so make sure Shout And Twist's Guide To Liverpool Music Week is your only guide.


Friday, November 23


DIY. Do It Yourself. Bands that go it alone, make their own CDs and control their on Myspace.

Puzzle, Liverpool's brand new and mind-blowing two-girl-two-boy piece, do it themselves. They only formed earlier this year, but already 'Sometimes, All of the Time', their very own homemade ten song CD, is out there now.

'A Friend Of Mine' is their best song, so either steam it on their Myspace or d-load it below. It's just feel-good indie pop, but in a really amazing magical way.

If you do go to there Myspace, or go there a little later after d-loading the song, you'll see they're be playing Zanzibar on Monday with Shout and Twist favourites Married to the Sea and Wave Machines. Aces.

A Friend Of Mine

Wednesday, November 21

Wave Machines

I never gave Wave Machines a proper listen until a few days back. Now I'm googling for tour dates and awaiting their CD in the post. I love it when a band has that incredibly instant effect on me.

Why did they have such an effect? Because no one else in Liverpool seems to make raw and pretty soothing experiments that will one day take over the world. Or at least soundtrack Grey’s Anatomy.

'Punk Spirit' - "I broke the neck on my guitar, and told you how it's going to be, And after when you left the room, I whispered 'You could fucking die'... Where's my punk spirit? When I need it" - It's ace man! Those words spead over really sweet chords, a bit like that Glasvegas tune.

It's on their Myspace, and they're playing Zanzibar on Monday with Shout and Twist favourites Married to the Sea and soon-to-be Shout and Twist favourites Puzzle.

Are Wave Machines the third best band in Liverpool right now? Maybe. Just maybe.

Sunday, November 11

Liverpool Music Week

Unless you wanna spend over £20 on Kaiser Chiefs or Hard Fi or, ahem, Madness; Liverpool Music Week is back and this year it's no doubt looking healthier than ever, ever, ever before. Though I still think The Wombats should headline.

Nonetheless, here's my tips on who you should see. Or at least who I'll be seeing anyway...

November 29
Delta Fiasco (Supporting NYPC) – Carling Academy (£12.50)

November 30
Good Shoes, Hot Club de Paris, goFASTER>>, John Kennedy – Carling Academy (£8.50)

December 2
The Rascals, Great Northwestern Hoboes – Bumper
Crystal Castles – Korova (£6)

December 4
Noah & the Whale, SSS, Elle S’appelle, Wave Machines – Bumper

December 5
Lightspeed Champion, Eugene McGuinness, Peter and the Wolf – Alma De Cuba
Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, Gideon Conn – Bumper

December 6
Friendly Fires – Bumper

December 7
28 Costumes – Bumper

December 8
Johnny Foreigner Married to the Sea – Korova
goFASTER>> - Bumper

December 9
Kambourines – Alma de Cuba

What Happened When Jakobinarina Came To Town (With To My Boy)...

Carling Academy 2, Liverpool - September 24

Not many lead singers would spend the first few minutes of their band’s set standing at the back of the venue attempting to figure out the atmosphere. But then if you’ve laid your ears on Jakobinarina’s genius debut ‘The First Crusade’, you’ll know it makes perfect sense for the self-righteous yet sensitive Gunnar Bergmann to do so. “Are you lot awake?” he questions the naively static few in here after opening with the ridiculously quirky pop-punchingly amazing ‘This Is An Advertisement’. However such a motionless audience will not affect Jako one iota, as also proven in said debut, not much really does. Therefore, ‘Jesus’, ‘Sleeping In Seattle’ and ‘Spit Me In The Eye’ are seething with punk-fizzy sweetness simply in spite of those souls just surveying. Though if Jako have converted only one to their brainwashing screeches of this planet’s true realities then it’s all been worth it.
But it is almost as if the room doesn’t even deserve their city’s very own To My Boy - and their MacBook. Nevertheless, TMB seem to have brought quite the following, packing the place out with family and friends. Executing an array of typically energetic and electro power-popping numbers, for just two chaps this is quite the lively spectacle. What’s more singer Jack Snape’s programmed voice sounds as chilling live as it does on record. If Liverpool can’t find room for Jakobinarina in their hearts, at least To My Boy hold a safe place.

Sunday, November 4

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November

Today is the most important date in Liverpool’s musical history since The Beatles released 'Please Please Me' back in 1963. Sort of.

This city’s most exciting band since those fabulous four are (in my opinion) in fact, The Wombats. Their debut album ‘A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation’, after combining years and years of hard work with what this band are truly all about (downright fun), is finally released today.

It’s that totally ironic, tongue in cheek and joyous popness about them, both lyrically and musically, that tingles you all inside. I mean, on first impressions it’s fair to figure them as shelf-liveable as Electric Six, but deep down, inside this album, proper indie-pop that’s dingy dance floor-ready in the most non-novelty way is bursting at the very credible seams.

As far as I’m concerned (as you can tell by this blog), there is no better group of Scousers to front this city right now, and I’m just so happy they're at the forefront. Murph’s light-hearted banter in telling the tale of dancing to Manchester’s most depressed in a nightclub or falling in love with a prostitute, mirrors this city in the cheekiest ways, with a great sense of humour that makes you feel top dollar in the process. I couldn’t understand it if someone doesn’t like them, I mean if somebody out there doesn't, where is their soul? What’s not to fall in love with?

I was about fifteen/sixteen when The Coral and The Zutons blew up, and have never been obsessed with that Mersey beating resonance. That was made decades ago, The Wombats are now. I first saw them at the Academy back in February, and was totally taken aback by their popularity. They are huge in Liverpool, and will undoubtedly take that mantle to the rest of the planet. Or at least Western Europe. Every soul in this city should be wearing an ‘I Am A Wombat’ t-shirt.

All the right signs point north with this lot. The Wombats are the best band in Liverpool right now, and with thanks to them, people will now take note of what else this great musical scene has to offer. Now let’s get that album to No. 1. You just never know…

Moving to New York

(By the way I forgot to mention a couple things recently - Radiohead was also in contention for October's Album Of The Month, and as I'm sure you're aware, it's bloody brilliant; but in the context and what they're trying to say and the fact that it's their debut etc, Jakobinarina pipped em. Also sorry about a lack of download accompanying the post, but I've made up for it with this little nugget above!)

Thursday, November 1

October - Album Of Last Month

Right then. Jimmy Eat World? Nah, it's a good album but not October's best. Jack Penate? Hell no, that's a loada overrated sh*te. Dashboard Confessional? No, a couple good songs on it. Stereophonics? It's surprisingly good, but not good enough. Babyshambles? Again it's good, but not great. Icelandic teenagers that should rule the world aka Jakobinarina? Erm, yes, yes and yes.

Jakobinarina - The First Crusade - Regal
Teenagers. Making their very own bands, staging their very own festivals and right here in ‘The First Crusade’, building the best damn pop-rocking tunes this side of Hard-Fi. Never before have adolescents played such a part in transforming the so-called fragile safety of indie rock. Jakobinarina are a six-piece from Iceland, and they stand superior with a bigger chip on their shoulders than anyone. Jam-packed within this little nugget of a debut is, purely, the truth. From beginning to end singer Gunnar shouts out against the musically average, the fake front of Hollywood and, at the nucleus, society in all its shapes and sizes. It’s both scary and refreshing. Yet with such punk and vital values, amp’d-up thunder and deliberately distorted strings aren’t needed here. Instead, a pure bundle of straight up sugary keyboard clatter packed in among exceedingly infectious guitar lines all help to push Jako’s points across as raw and sincere as any.
‘Woke up early this morning and I thought to myself I’ve nothing live for, I’ve nothing to look forward to except next weekend because there will be a dance revolution’ states an insecure Gunnar in album-starter ‘Monday I’m In Vain’, snuffed out by some folked-up and startling Spanish guitar. Latest single ‘His Lyrics Are Disastrous’ scornfully swipes at what mostly fills up our charts and channels, before the deliciously dazzling spitting synths and spats of ‘Jesus’ come at you with one fine irony-crammed line at the heart, ‘Jump around to the sounds of mediocrity’. Witty words of wisdom are yanked out all over this record, and moreover in should-be Single of the Year, ‘This Is An Advertisement’, where Gunnar yells, ‘We didn’t even change our name to the Coca-Cola band just to get our buckets filled’. However, ‘The First Crusade’ is not truly complete until ‘Spit Me In The Eye’, which goes about itself in the true manner this band has implied all along. Away is all the mockery and sarcasm, and now Gunnar proudly states exactly what he feels and intends. ‘Curse me with all the curses that you know… Please spit me in the eye and hit me, I think I’ll cope… Let your hate consume you… Do you really think that I care about what you think about me?’
Free of whatever so-called norms and values are shoved down our throats and minds, Jakobinarina are simply their own identity, and this record is absolutely necessary.