Saturday, February 23

The Boys Were Back In Town

The Wombats – The New Picket, Liverpool – 20/2/08
That “darkest side of town” which Murph gleefully points out in ‘Lets Dance To Joy Division’ looks like it could be the setting of tonight’s ‘secret’ hometown show. Plonked in the middle of a worn out industrial estate with not much but a massive TV screen showing some wildlife documentary on wombats around us, this cheeky trio always find a way to amuse their hometown. Beginning as always with first ever single ‘Lost In The Post’, all few hundred souls in here are starting to tingle already. ‘Kill The Director’ even comes with its own thirty-second intro these days, and despite calls for that oh so divisive Take That cover, this gig is becoming pretty darn legendary. Brand new song ‘How To Pack Your Bags And Leave’ gets its first live outing, bursting out a bit twee like The Maccabees foreplaying with Abba. Even-though-it-came-out-only-last-flipping-year new single ‘Backfire At The Disco’ wraps up yet another ace Wombats show. These boys really are flawless.
If You Have A Brain Then You Have The Album Thus Here's A Rare And Old Track Download
Summer Hit

Saturday, February 16

The Delta Fiasco

This Scouse trio have been around for a good while now, and I'm pretty sure I've seen them in all the main city hangouts over the last couple of years. But there's three reasons why I think there's a lack of industry interest in them - 1. The only record label in Liverpool is more interested in signing Coral spin-offs than it is fresh talent. 2. No one from the proper record labels down south will ever be assed to come up here. 3. They've never been that great. But when I saw them a couple days back at the launch night for Liverpool Sound City at Barfly, my opinion somewhat altered. Though more synth-centric art is the last thing our planet needs, they seemed to be stirring up some kind of mysterious charm, at least after the first two Cure rip-offs anyway. Matching their daunting guitars and rickety beats with black tees, there was an unexplained anger they created which couldn't help but draw you in. Maybe it was from the wait of trying to persuade label bosses. Maybe it was all the constant stares from the chavvy Rascals fans. Whatever it was, if Interpol grew up on The Demon Headmaster, this lot would very much be the outcome. Good.

Here's the swanky video for their new single 'Easy' -

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Friday, February 8


For a band from Sidcup this lot's front man doesn't half do a good Stephen Malkmus impression. That talky, scratchy tone which worked its magic on so many a fine Pavement tune has now found its way into the pure indie-liciousness of William, and it sounds flipping ace. Especially when thrown above great melodic distortion that's just a little less messier than The Cribs. Previous single and possibly one-day re-releases 'Playground' and 'Five Minute Wonder', as well as new single 'South of the Border', need to be in everybody's lives. Go see them live, go buy their tracks on iTunes, go and fall in love.
Five Minute Wonder
William Myspace

Friday, February 1

January - Album Of Last Month

This year has already seen a good few fine albums hitting physical and digital boutiques. Lightspeed Champion's debut was nothing but a pleasant surprise, label-buddies Sons and Daughters also made quite the effort, Adele's '19' was pretty good, and Vampire Weekend's first one was also rather splendid. But, as always, there's only room for one Album Of Last Month...

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music? - Rough Trade

The thing with the first British Sea Power record is that for every rock-powering classic like 'Remember Me', 'Carrion' and 'Blackout', there was just as much flaff like 'Something Wicked', 'The Lonely' and 'Apologies To Insect Life'. The second one wasn't that much of a progression, apart from single 'Please Stand Up'. But 'Do You Like Rock Music?' is no question their best album to date, which is something reflected even by it's Top 10 chart entry.
In a time when bands simply have to release the best flipping debut they can, BSP have finally produced what they always dared to three albums in. 'All In It' is the perfect way to begin, 'The Great Skua' is the best thing Sigur Ros have never made, and 'No Need To Cry' is the greatest song BSP have ever created. DYLRM? is exceptional, and the Arcade Fire comparisons are unfair. Unfair on Arcade Fire that is.
No Need To Cry