Wednesday, March 12

Manchester And Their 'New' Lager Laddish Phenomenon

Hype can be one vicious beast. The Courteeners were meant to take on the planet, all big guitars and bigger mouths. But here we are, five months in to their musical calling and then something like this happens. 'This' being their brand new single 'Not Nineteen Forever', tagged along with the pop-sensible promise of their last two rather good releases ('Acrylic' and 'What Took You So Long?'), is about as zestful as the thought of a second series of Lily Allen and Friends. “You’re not nineteen forever, pull yourselves together” growls frontman Liam Fray to School Discos countrywide, made even less interesting by the ceaseless and obvious chords that even One Night Only could muster up after a few jams. The Smiths did it better. Much better.

Here's the as-embarrassing video featuring the four of them drinking coffee in a cafe.

The Courteeners Myspace

Sunday, March 9

The Metros

The Metros - Korova, Liverpool - 7/3/08
These better be careful round here. Not since they got booted off The Coral’s tour for ‘disruptive behaviour’ have The Metros stepped inside the psychedelic rockers’ hometown. But for a supposed bunch of scoundrels with a desire to trash gear and throw beer at strangers, they seem pretty dapper tonight. Their rockabilly-tinted jangle is too jerking out rather neatly, even in spite of the room’s good few forty-year-olds using this lot as an excuse to unearth their inner ‘punk’. Current single ‘Education Pt2’ gets the most approval, bouncing around as if a cockney Luke Kooks is giving The Paddingtons a lecture on how not to get an ASBO. Good, but there’s still way too many of these about.

Do however check out this live video of 'Education Pt2' recorded last summer.

The Metros Myspace

Saturday, March 1

February - Album Of Last Month

Hot Chip's 'Made In The Dark' may be utter brilliance, and even though I knew Los Campesinos! would make something special, I was still surprised at just how special it was. Sure I still can't get enough of Laura Marling's debut, though we're forget about One Night Only and their rather shoddy piece of album altogether. Also Nada Surf's 'Lucky' is in my opinion their best album to date, and to be honest that I Was A Cub Scout debut too surpassed my expectations. Yet there can only be one Album Of Last Month...

Pete and the Pirates - Little Death - Stolen Recordings
There's a reason this lot were in my Top 5 'Next Big Things' at the beginning of the year. They are simply magnifico. In a musical sphere currently over-stocked on Korg-keys, guitar grime and folk cats, the straight up strings and pretty jangle of what has packed 'Little Death' to the brim is genuinely refreshing. Made evident by the already noted 'Come On Feet', 'Knots' and 'Mr Understanding', it turns out P&TP only know how to make good guitar pop songs, and nothing else. 'Ill Love', 'Lost In The Woods', 'Moving', 'Humming', and 'Bright Lights' are too evident of such pretty, witty talent. Nation domination may not be on their list of things-to-do but judging by this debut that'll be just one of the many spin-offs.
Lost In The Woods