Thursday, August 28

Screaming Tea Party

The music industry is crumbling! No one buys records anymore! Kids bunk off P.E. so they can sit at their computer and illegally download lots and lots of albums all day long! Blah, blah, blah. Discount the much haunting fact for one second the music field seems about as enticing as sitting through three minutes of My Family right now, and recall the goodness. For example, Stolen Recordings. They are one of my favourite ever labels. Not only do they hold Pete and the Pirates within their books, but also Let's Wrestle, and now Screaming Tea Party. The latter's name has been flinging about for while, but I've never ventured their way (browsed their Myspace page). Until now. Brand spanking new tune 'Something Disaster' from what I can gather is a tasty treat to come from a forthcoming EP out on Stolen in October. It's basically Dinosaur Jr. very, very stoned on Thurston Moore vinyls with only Conor Oberst by their side to annoy them with constant questions about CBGB's. Aka fucking top dollar. And these, Let's Wrestle and Pete and the Pirates are even playing a whole big show together in Dorset on September 27 as part of some End of the Road festival or something. Now there's a small chance I'll actually be going to this. But you should.

Something Disaster

Screaming Tea Party Myspace
Stolen Recordings

Monday, August 25

Red Light Company

These, for some odd reason, were pulled into the same bracket as Interpol and Editors in this week's NME's Reading/Leeds preview. However, if you've actually ever listened to Red Light Company (rather than looked inside their wardrobe), you'll quite speedily notice they've got a whole lot more in company with One Night Only's false-indie than the dark and very much genuine resonance of the aforementioned alleged Ian Curtis-obsessives. At least that's what signature tune (the one that's getting spun to death on TV and radio) 'Meccano' tells me. It crops up a tad like Christmas in the summer, all subtle chimes and rather V-than-Reading/Leeds mega choruses. I'm sure it won't take too long for the snobby media backlash to begin, but then maybe RLC will surprise us with a few actually interesting, angular pop tunes. Or maybe Hull City will actually stay up.


Red Light Company Myspace

Thursday, August 21

Neon Neon

I don't understand why the rest of planet earth isn't in love with Death Cab For Cutie. But then I am one of their greatly loyal followers, and I'm sure same goes for fans of Welsh posse Super Furry Animals. They're just one those 'cult' bands who rather than appeal to the masses, form their own legion of back-cat obsessives. As one on the outside of the SFA, erm, box, I highly doubt I'll ever feel the need to venture past their Greatest Hits, if that. But like Death Cab, their front man too has a two-piece electro-based side-project. Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip (not his real name) have begun to get quite a bit of attention for their recently Mercury Prize-nominated project, Neon Neon. The pretty darn awesome 'I Lust U' has been getting plays all over the place, and brings a complete freshness to Rhys' persona. Saying that, he did release a pretty decent solo album a couple years ago too. Jesus, that man doesn't half like to get around, eh?

I Lust U

Neon Neon Myspace

Monday, August 18


This was gonna be a post about School Of Language. But when I was researching I realised they've (or he's) already got an album out. So I figured they're (or he's) already pretty established, only not enough people know about them (or him) yet. So check them (or him) out at some point. But instead I've decided to write about Flobots. Now, from what I can work out they are a six-piece outta Denver obsessed with classical tuneage and Timbaland. Not by any means a bad combo, all of which leads to one of the best darn fine, downright, straight-up, no bullshit tunes of the summer. Correction: of the year. 'Handlebars' has been getting loads of Lowe-love, and it'll only take a matter of seconds in to the track once you've DL'd it below to realise why. There is one catch though, in that you might get a tad sick of it after a week or so. But those instantly love-able thirty-seven plays later annoying-able ones are always the best. Don't hate them cause they're signed to a major. And don't hate them cause they're amazing.


Flobots Myspace

Thursday, August 14


Maryland. Not only the American state attached to the UK's best selling cookie despite no actual relevance to cookies whatsoever, but also the home of psych-pop trio Celebration. Their trademarker 'Evergreen', or at least the one I got blown away by on 120 Minutes the other day, is excellent. It takes a while to build but once you get there it's like basking in a bath of Oreo's (actually nice cookies) and chocolate milk with ice. Ahhh. Plus because '' was taken, they instead added another 'celebration' to their page link, so it's ''. I like it when bands do that, made evident by Puzzle, of Liverpool-fame, and their Myspace link. Yet I'm going digressing away from my point. Just hit the DL below and you'll see. You'll all see!


Celebration Myspace

Monday, August 11

Twisted Wheel

Regular readers may be under the impression I hate simplified beer-swigging lad-rock which has one sole purpose to promote bigotry. Well, regular readers are right. But Twisted Wheel, who despite coming from a town near a city which is heavily linked with ladish guitar anthems (not that I would ever dismiss Oasis as the greatest rock band in the last two decades), do not sound ladish at all. Well, maybe a little. But you can tell there's a sense of intelligence entwined within their blustering guitar twiddles. It would be too easy to label these a Courteeners support band. These are much more.

You Stole The Sun

Twisted Wheel Myspace

Thursday, August 7

Iglu & Hartly

It's such a boring term to use but there seems to be a bit of a 'Marmite' mood surrounding the current hype of Iglu & Hartly. Riding in the midst of a storm featuring the such as's of MGMT, Amazing Baby and one might even say Santogold to some degree, I&H are according to some other blog I read the other day, hot to the eyes of the industry right now. Their trademarker 'In This City' is a stomping beat of fuzzy-pop so glamourous it could totally be runner up to 'Time To Pretend' as Single Of The Year, and even holds the honour of being my current ringtone. Which not only means I'll be sick of it in a few days, but that it truly is a classic. Plus they look exactly like MGMT. Well two of them do. Another, who I think is one of the singers, looks like Tommy Lee zonked out post-running after David Hasselhoff for getting his girl on Baywatch. Nonetheless, from the one tune I have heard, they've surely got something special in their armour. No embarassment here.

In This City

Iglu & Hartly Myspace

Monday, August 4

The First Post Of The Rest Of This Blog's Life: House That Jack Built

I'm now back from my sabbatical exploring the City of Angels after finishing up my studies at university. Which as well as means life itself pretty much starts from here, also marks a fresh approach to Shout And Twist. I'm talking way more posts, loads more mp3s, and even more fine picks from the beautiful spectrum of Scouse pop and beyond. And what better way to kick things off than with by far the most exciting band in Liverpool today...

House That Jack Built
Shimmy back to one of this blog's very first posts (from around April 2007) and you'll come across a write-up I scribbled about a band by the name of Guild Of Defiants. Such came following a storming set I witnessed just a few weeks prior at Korova. Little did I know that despite my blathering about these finding the perfect time to have hit the Mersey, it turned out to be their last ever show. It also turned out that one of the four clean cut chaps is now one of the three in Liverpool's best new band (Elle S'appelle, derrr!). And now few, if not all, of the remaining members of Guild Of Defiants have their very own new band: House That Jack Built. So not only does this fine city know how to think up incredibly top-notch band names, but it's also rather adept in producing incredible indie-pop that at the very least deserves to sweep Rivers Cuomo off his genius feet too. HTJB may only have about five gigs and a few thousand Myspace looks to their name, but already they've seemed to of formed a nicely tight racket of Cribs-crunchy guitars. 'When Skies Are Grey', one of three rather decent tunes found on said Myspace, fumbles around via this rousing line: "You think everyone hates you but the only one that hates you is yourself, go on have a word with yourself..." Go. Click. Love.

When Skies Are Grey

House That Jack Built Myspace

Friday, August 1

July - Album Of Last Month

Ida Maria - Fortress Round My Heart - RCA
You know that feeling you get when you hear something for the first time, and you just know it's special? Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that was the total sense I got when laying my ears around Ida Maria for the first ever time. Then, came ace single after ace single after ace single, and now the album's come around, I hoped/kinda knew the rest of the record would be just as first-rate. And my gosh is it. 'Fortress Round My Heart' is one of the best debuts this year. The anger and guts heard in Ida's croaky, muscly voice is unmistakable; fueled by absolute thespian of choruses that just about ride the right side of the Adele/Duffy line. This girl's got it, for sure.
Queen Of The World
Ida Maria Myspace