Thursday, November 27

Accidents Never Happen

Judging by the earth-straddling success of Abba, ditching your native tongue for the English vernacular is a damn fine marketing move. Not that Liverpool-based Norwegians Accidents Never Happen croak out an organised chaos of emo-tive babel Les Savy Fav only less-scholarly might supply all for the spin-off stage musical and band-dedicated museum. The severe ‘Bloody Valentine-sorta tremors that deform inside ‘It Made Sense Yesterday’ are plucked from one-of-two homemade records, while co-front men Jesper and Magne induce more passion into their live shows than J-Bo does his locks. These aint in this to be tagged Masters of the Underground. That’s come by accident.

Accidents Never Happen Myspace

Monday, November 24

Angus & Julia Stone

Brother-sister duos. Hmm. What's that? The White Stripes? Ah jeez, they are like so 2004. Get over it! And come take a look at Angus & Julia Stone, who... erm, er, sound a, erm, a bit like, er, erm, Jack and Meg White from that old American band. Only like Angus and Julia use acoustic guitars, whereas, erm, from what I remember, er, oh, Jack and Meg, I can't actually remember there band name, erm, don't. A&JS are from Newport, no not that Newport OC Newport! But Newport in Sydney. In Australia. Like the whole other part of the world. Excuse the fact they toured with Newton Faulkner, well, try to anyway. And DL em up below. They're good. Probably the best brother-sister due since, erm, what are they called again?

Mango Tree

Angus & Julia Stone Myspace

Thursday, November 20

Kenan Bell

Kenan Bell aint your average rap dogg. He used to be a primary school teacher in Montrose, California. He also remixed an MGMT track. Oh, and he hates hip-hop. That's right. A rap star who used to pray to the lord begging not to end up as one like Fiddy. This rapper makes use of what he labels 'emotronic' to base the samples of his every day musings about Pete Wentz's naked web-straddled photo in instantly awesome tune 'Good Day'. I'm not quite up-to-the-minute on the latest state of all things hip-hop, but what I have heard is that it's in bad shape. If Kenan Bell can convince me of his potential genius, he's the man to save it all.

Good Day

Kenan Bell Myspace

Monday, November 17

You Me At Six

If the present-day spurt of newfangled Brit pop punk posses is anything to go by, these five hipsters and their newly found kudos – a Top 25 debut album smash followed by a recent Fall Out Boy support slot – deserve to be taken seriously. The semi-Taking Back Sunday brouha they slapped together a few weeks back at Liverpool's teeny bopper-crammed Carling Academy does not. Singer Josh Franceschi was whining atop the kind of so-so emo blather that awes Fearne and Reggie, before opting to direct the YMA6 faithful into a full-proof mosh pit like a nagging jester at Jack Osbourne’s 10th birthday party. Blame Green Day.


Thursday, November 13


In my opinion, Boston were never as legendary as their artwork suggested. Neither are Ween for that matter. But Grammatics, the Melodramatic Popular Song four-piece from Leeds, just may be. First, the artwork; Previous discography has featured an empty gig venue (always awesome since Foos' video for 'One By One'), an cool-looking old fireplace from like the 1800s, and a double bass situated next to a tall lamp. This may sound dull, but head to their Myspace at the bottom link and see for yourself how cool it all looks. Even their T-shirts have got it going on, hell even their Myspace layout looks all sweet and tidy. And, as I typed a few lines ago, they've only got the tunes to match it and all. 'New Franchise' is I Was A Cub Scout feasted to Alfred Hitchcock prior to metamorphosing into Bloc-type lushness. It's really good. They're artwork's really good. Grammatics are really good.

New Franchise

Grammatics Myspace

Monday, November 10


Besides Great Britian and North America, it could be argued Scandinavia are the most dexterous when it comes to molding stupendous indie. If it's worth me toting up a few names to back up my avowal, I'm talking Bjork, Sigur Ros, The Hives, The Cardigans, erm, Abba. A radio-sociable record and a whole lot more attention, and Lukestar could too be in transit for mega-huge rock star greatness. Based in Oslo, Norway, the five-piece got underway in '95, and alloy wholesome Pavement indie and hardcore punk like no other. 'White Shade' sashays in all kinds of directions, but they pull it off gleamingly. Power to the math rock. Power to Lukestar.

White Shade

Lukestar Myspace

Thursday, November 6

Matt Pond PA

Considering they just voted in their first black president in what was one of the most significant days in global history (like, since Dinosaurs or something), I forced it upon myself to base Shout And Twist's next focus on an American artist. Which, considering it's total outpour of top notch music for decades (like, since Sinatra or something), really wasn't that hard. Matt Pond PA are from Philadelphia, aka The City of Brotherly Love, and have been gracing their presence upon the surface of Planet Earth since '98. That may explain his (the singer's called Matt Pond, his band are the PA bit. I'm guessing the latter.) total love of covering Oasis, or at least that one song they acclimatised themselves to for The OC. That was when I first heard of him, or them, or whatever, but then last week whilst gazing upon (too much 'upon'?) E4's repeats of season two, I detected another track which must have passed me by during it's original airing. 'New Hampshire' is simply gorgeous, all saccharine acoustic strings and Death Cab-subtle choruses. Almost as if it's fell off The Photo Album and Gibbard was too busy being stun by deadly scorpions to notice. Download. Listen. Buy!

New Hampshire (If Matt Pond PA's people don't like be putting the song available to download please can you just email me, rather than get Google to take down my entire post, à la Red Light Company last week. Thank you!)

Matt Pond PA Myspace

Monday, November 3

Red Light Company (Again)

Back in August I blog'd about London five-piece Red Light Company, suggesting there's more of a chance Hull City will survive this season's Premier League relegation tussle than RLC releasing "a few actually interesting, angular pop tunes". Now, after witnessing the Yorkshire football club's tiresome performance against my own beloved team at the weekend, I, erm, regret what I said, and would now be surprised if they aren't playing in the world's best league next season. However, it's too become apparent that Red Light Company, the band I bundled in with "One Night Only's false-indie", aren't half-bad either. 'Scheme Eugene', their newest release, is both 'interesting' and 'angular', sounding like Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse beating on each of The Envy Corps. So, to clarify, Hull City will be playing Premiership football next season, and RLC are pretty darn special.

Saturday, November 1

October - Album Of Last Month

Eugene McGuinness 'Eugene McGuinness' (Domino)
In all honesty, I was a tad disappointed with this. Long before Shout And Twist launched itself upon the interweb with a post singing the praises of Eugene McGuinness Super Talent, I'd been anticipating this very album. Last year's EP 'The Early Learnings...' was one of 2007's finest fabrications, pretty much defining the sweet spirit of Xmas by way of sumptuous chimes and majestical wonders of a city I know all too well. The album though, 'Eugene McGuinness', doesn't quite define winter 08. Yeah, said-sumptuous chimes and majestical wonders are there, but I can't help wonder where the pop delicacies of 'A Girl Whom My Eyes Shine For But My Shoes Run From' and 'Bold Street' have gone, besides the witty Hollywood ending to 'A Girl Whom...'. So why is it Album Of Last Month? Two reasons. Firstly the latest efforts from both Kaiser Chiefs and Snow Patrol were somewhat dissatisfying, though The Cure's was a pleasant surprise. Secondly, it's still pretty darn brilliant. The glacé-stringed wackiness all at the foot of a voice so timeless it borders Ella Fitzgerald in the company of a pissed up Zach Condon works effortlessly in 'Nightshift', 'Disneyfied' and 'Fonz'. The Sparklehorse-type illusions within 'Knock Down Ginger' interlaced with an all-the-more twisted Jeffrey Lewis does too. It's almost perfect anyway.

Knock Down Ginger