Monday, April 27

When Two Worlds Collide

I would pay big bucks to find out what these two were yakking about at some Vanity Fair party last night in LA.

Snow Fell (And It Felt Like Vampire Weekend)

Vampire Weekend really are the best fucking band in the world, aren't they? I just listened to 'Vampire Weekend' for the first time this year. Fuck me, what an album. I mean really, what a fucking album. Like seriously. I can't fucking wait for the next one.

Miike Snow, some trio from Sweden/America, also think so. Well, at least I think they do. They fiddled with VW's 'The Kids Don't Stand A Chance' some time back, and it made quite the splash. I should say that MS have produced for all those pre-Rihanna pop princesses, like Kylie and Madonna and Britney and whatnot. So the remix is fucking great. And it turns out they also do stuff for themselves too, of which 'Burial' is a fucking fine result. DL em both below.

Miike Snow: So good Google doesn't even ask 'Did you mean: Mike Snow' after you search em up.

Vampire Weekend vs Miike Snow 'The Kids Don't Stand A Chance'
Miike Snow 'Burial'
Miike Snow MySpace

Thursday, April 23

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

Monday, April 20

Laptop On Your Laptop. Unless You've A Desktop.

Remember this? Me neither. Apparently it was BIG in '96 or somin'. It's luvvvverly.

Laptop 'End Credits'
Laptop Wikipedia

Saturday, April 18

Shout And Forever!

It’s kinda remarkable that we’re almost a decade into this whole internet-revolutionising-earth type-thing, and not one band has hustled themselves onto the scene by way of the term ‘internet’ in their name. Until now, that is. Internet Forever are the buzz band. Just ask all the fly kids down Hoxton-way, or whatever it’s called. Yet besides metamorphosis-ing pop music with the term ‘internet’, they only fashion darn-fun Original Glazed indie richness that cycles Los Camp’s path en route to the Marvellous Land of Oz and all. Rosy pop + wise moniker = A very good band.

Internet Forever 'Break Bones'
Internet Forever MySpace

Friday, April 17

Moving Picture

This is the artwork for the new Mumford And Sons EP, 'The Cave And The Open Sea', which is naturally amazing. The EP, not the artwork. The artwork is super amazing!

P.S. Jeez, talk about a month for plying Cribs song titles!

Thursday, April 16

In For The T-Shirt

Bastard Phonographic-people took down one of my posts again, even after I asked them to just email me. So, for the record I posted about French disco-boy Pegase before, well, the world wakes up to his MGMT-fucking-Arcade Fire brilliance. Or whatever it was I slapped it with.

In other news, I love this t-shirt. I need this t-shirt. I was gonna buy this t-shirt but had no money only now I have money and they've sold out. I then travelled over to Rough Trade East for the first ever time to buy this t-shirt because it says on the description they have a small number in stock only they actually didn't. I still need this t-shirt.

Monday, April 13

Our Not Bovine Public

Well done Public Of Great Britian for making something good your No.1 single this week. And well done for making something great your No. 4 single. Now, stop watching 'All The Small Things' and maybe we'll talk. Maybe.

Wednesday, April 8


I've just received my copy of the debut album from Wave Machines. It's called 'Wave If You're Really There' and it's out sometime in June. I don't think I've been this excited about an album since 'Viva La Vida' last summer. Astronomical? What an understatement.

Friday, April 3

If They're Good Enough For Bloc Party...

I always get a tad suspicious when I hear stupendously polished beats blaring out of a blatantly major-funded over-produced MySpace page. Like it's a little forged or something. Which, to be fair, it kinda is. Delphic might not be so hyped if it wasn't for, say, Klaxons. But then you could say that about Klaxons with, say, Tom Vek. And this isn't actually on a major, it's on Belgian electro label R&S Records. And they played Fabric. And they supported Bloc Party. And they will support Bloc Party again. So, maybe not so forged after-all. Hmm, major labels, come get em!

Delphic 'Counterpart'

Wednesday, April 1

Album Of Last Month

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'It's Blitz!' (Interscope)

The trouble with writing up my Album Of Last Month is that it's difficult to say something about the record that hasn't already been said. Everyone likes this album. Everyone. And it truly is a return to form for the NY trio. When MGMT and Vampire Weekend pull out a flag to fly for their fine, fine city, YYYs go on and release something like this to embarrass us all. No guitar, just one dance-laden synth-flooded choon after the other. 'Zero', 'Soft Shock', 'Skeletons', 'Runaway', 'Little Shadow', 'Heads Will Roll' - all complete and utter gold. Come the end of the year and if this isn't in my Top 10 albums than it was one incredible year for music.