Sunday, August 30

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Saturday, August 1

Album Of Last Month

Florence and the Machine 'Lungs' (Island)

Well then. Florence Welch. A histrionic go-thinking hitmaker residing in her own G-darn dignity. Or, a niggling pest ate up by a yearning for fake flowers and empty birdcages. Tough to call really, one can deftly come away from her live show supposing both. On record though, notably this - her Paul Epworth ('Silent Alarm'/'Intimacy'/'Everything Is New')-produced debut, it all most definitely dwells in the former. 'Lungs' really shines out almighty because of its majestical tunes and Welch's chin-dropping chords, and not the need of some irksome props. Singles besides, 'Howl' is Winehouse minus the fag breath, plus some pop-screeching strings. 'Girl With One Eye' is sassy, brassy and cat-fighting hysteria. And the finale cover of 1991 dance track 'You've Got The Love' is, albeit disposable, one last cast-back of Welch's categorical prowess. So, a word to the womenfolk seemingly suffocating the good music at present - this is the album you wanna stare up to.

Best Track