Monday, April 26

Say "Astronaut" #4

From 'The Shoes' (S4E16)

The Strokes 'Vision Of Division'

Wednesday, April 21

Say "Astronaut" #3

From 'The Nose Job' (S3E9)

Radiohead 'Fake Plastic Trees'

Thursday, April 8

Say "Astronaut" #2

From 'The Trip' (S4E1/2)

Elliott Smith 'L.A.'

Saturday, April 3

Time For Hero

Speaks for itself, no?

The Libertines 'Time For Heroes'

Thursday, April 1

Album Of Last Month

Two Door Cinema Club 'Tourist History' (Kitsuné Music)

Glee, so the West has taught me, can commonly be derived from Häagen-Dazs binges, believing in a thing called love and learning that Mel Gibson has fallen off the wagon. It goes without saying that the only question left over is how do you duplicate such whiles of joy onto Logic Pro 9? Well, for starters you'd need three boys with cute Northern Irish accents (you know, 'cause they're from Northern Ireland). And then some kind of scripture that can teach 'em how to play their Fenders swifter than Tiger Woods can sex-text and sharper than one of his alleged mistresses' replies.
Thank the Messiah for Two Door Cinema Club then, who already possess all the above and have rightly laced themselves a polite bit o' hype these past few months. 'Tourist History', their debut album out via French indie Kitsuné, is chirpy, bouncy and at times even solemn - Yup, it's Kirstie Alley post-Scientology on disc.
Opener 'Cigarettes In The Theatre' gets things under way with the means of a verrrrry 'Banquet'-era Bloc backdrop, all before vocalist Alex Trimble's hairless (and almost American-sounding?!) burr motions atop gold 'n' tinkly guitars.
The lilting stringwork gropes its path onto every track really, though waits for 'Something Good Can Work' to bump upon the dancefloor. "Let's make this happen girl, you gonna show the world that something can work and it can work for you," guides Trimble like TDCC are 5ive minus two reincarnated with instruments strapped to their love poems. Only you know, good.
Then there's 'What You Know', which veers their indie-bop to a whole fresh level while a more rapt Trimble offers: "I can tell just what you want, you don't want to be alone... And I can't say it's what you know, but you've known it the whole time." Honestly, who needs the uppishness of Ke$ha when we've such sumptuous guitar disco jivin' outta these?
But do you know what the best thing about 'Tourist History' is? It's a way from perfect. See, one could argue that both lyrically and melodiously, there's little queue-jumping going down. Yet what that actually means is that Two Door Cinema Club are halfway to greatness. Which is pure glee for everyone.

Best Track
What You Know