Sunday, January 30

What Went Wrong?

Patronising script. Kids that can't act. Misguided cheese. Clint Eastwood helmed Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Changeling. What went wrong? Not to mention the fact it took 100 minutes to get going. Embarrassingly Hollywood. Not to also mention the fact it believed in a hereafter. Appalling.

Blink-182 'What Went Wrong?'

So Bad

"Blink and you'll miss it, but it's just a little thanks to Steve Carell." No. No. No. Is Ricky Gervais not even wise to the legacy of his own David Brent? Does he not recognise that The Office was so perfect, nothing else from Britain will remotely compare in your and I's lifetime? And it wasn't even classy. We got a too-staged "That's what she said" AND a needless drawn-out hug. Not funny. Just wrong.

Eminem 'So Bad'

Brilliant... If You'll Pardon The Pun

Matt Lucas and David Walliams really are brilliant. A few Daffyd sketches too many sadly marred their rep, but after six eps of Come Fly With Me - chiefly Little Britain in an airport only featuring fresh and as-knee-slapping funny personas - it's just unreasonable not to commend their artistry. You get me?

Foo Fighters 'Learn To Fly'

Tuesday, January 25

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Mayo

Smashing Pumpkins 'Mayonaise'

Sunday, January 23

Happy Alone

I heart Dimitar Berbatov. There are some United players who when they score, I experience a bigger rush than I do for others. Alongside Dimi, the same currently goes for Wayne Rooney - goals are the only thing he's lacking at the moment - and Michael Owen - he never gets to play enough. All of whom pretty much happen to be paid to find the net. The deal with Berba, though, is that only this season is he starting to show he can do it for a BIG club.

I'd be telling a lie if I said I've stuck by him all the way up till now. It was following his non-showing in a fatal 0-0 at Blackburn towards the end of last season when my patience started to lose its footing. Today, however, I want him in my starting lineup. He is at present the Premier League's top scorer by three and seems to be our best bet in attack. I've come to realise that in a perfect performance, he will frustrate, but he'll dispatch if supplied the service, too.

The main reason why my Dimi scoring reaction is the most thrilling, though, is that he cuts this loner, outsider role about him, which - being a loner, outsider myself - I quite connect with. He would so go to the cinema by himself. "One ticket for blah blah, please..." Wow, what a champ.

Kings of Leon 'Happy Alone'

Wednesday, January 19

D'Jew Eat?

Bruce Springsteen 'Hungry Heart'

Sunday, January 16

Jewrosis Defined

Why teach the curriculum when you can just show children a Woody Allen film every school day? And if you run out of films, just repeat them.

Bob Dylan 'Song To Woody'

Wednesday, January 5

Next Big Thing For 2011 #5 - Young Buffalo

Like Trophy Wife, Young Buffalo are from Oxford, only the one in Mississippi of the United States. Wikipedia will tell you that thriller author John Grisham has a home in the area, but otherwise there lies an opening for some sweet-ass straight-up indie rock to just burst at the city's seams. One of the best things about this trio is that they don't really look like a band. Another is that they're pretty effing great, as proven by free download 'Three Deep' and forthcoming debut single propa 'Catapilah'. With Kyle 'Slick' Johnson producing (he who engineered the latest Modest Mouse record), YB's first effort will fingers-crossed be one of 2011's most significant.


Tuesday, January 4

Next Big Thing For 2011 #4 - Guards

What with the 2010 Arcade Fire had, don't be taken aback if countless baroque rock replicas come out of the woods all at once. It's the way of the business. But Guards, solely led by ex-Willowz leader Richie Follin, is worth taking seriously. And that's even if the Californian himself doesn't take the project all that seriously - there's no MySpace to fiddle with but merely a Bandcamp page, albeit with a free download of a seven-track self-titled debut EP. Of which 'I See It Coming' provokes those Fire parities, all gung-ho euphonies and zestful wordplay. Mmm, let's hope there's more.

'I See It Coming'

Monday, January 3

Next Big Thing For 2011 #3 - Grouplove

Peppy indie-pop that sounds like it's been blessed by a double rainbow crops up merely once in a while, such as with 2007's debut Wombats album or last year's Two Door Cinema Club. Though the Los Angeles-based Grouplove are perhaps lower-maintenance - tossing in halo harmonies on the if-Bon Iver-dug-Madonna 'Naked Kids' - you can't help but emerge with the same yippy-yay-yoe sensation. And if their MySpace background isn't lying, a full-on EP is coming out in February. Traffic on the 101 will never be the same with these on the stereo.


Sunday, January 2

Next Big Thing For 2011 #2 - Trophy Wife

Some bands only sound like their contemporaries. But Trophy Wife, they actually used to live with theirs. In fact, drummer Kit Monteith went one even further and was educated at the same Oxford primary school as Foals' Yannis. And like Foals, there is a sensual moxie about their beat disco. Alongside Kit, we've singer-guitarsman Jody Prewett and keyboardist Ben Rimmer, plus a healthy preference for German 'lectro kings The Notwist. A debut record for this year might be asking a bit too much too soon, but a couple more Moshi singles wouldn't go a miss.


Saturday, January 1

Next Big Thing For 2011 #1 - Matthew And The Atlas

If you're sick of the incalculable folk bands out there wolfing down all the airtime, you better find solace in some more Stanton Warriors, because, at least by Matthew And The Atlas' reckoning, this ain't even the start. Led by part-time landscape gardener Matthew Hegarty, these already sound like they're on their fourth album - and that's without even releasing their debut yet. Though they've supported the Masters of Nu-Folk Mumford & Sons on a good few occasions now, there's a duskier, thinner complexion to MATA's output. Logic would insist that said-debut is presently in development, and that it'll stop traffic, too.

'I Will Remain'