Sunday, May 1

Album Of Last Month

The Wombats 'This Modern Glitch' (14th Floor Records)

We already know that the world is made up of two lots of species: Those near-neurotic about The Wombats' zappy indie-pop, and those much hostile to The Wombats' phony infernal shtick. But see, what we may not know - or at least, the latter won't be versed in - is that this Mersey-based trio are in actuality way deeper than your regular pack of Smarties. Frontman Matthew Murphy was addicted to anti-depressants (as laid out in latest single 'Anti-D'), for goodness sake! That, a few extra bits of sombre wordplay ("Last night I dreamt I died alone through all my talk of self-defeat...") and a tighter assortment of more-of-the-same Red Bull babel still won't pocket 'em any credence, but this is too much of a good time to care.

Best Track