Friday, July 1

Album Of Last Month

Bon Iver 'Bon Iver' (4AD)

"I'm pretty convinced it's my record of the year already," says Adele of Bon Iver's self-titled second album. Not that we need the hottest songstress on the planet's say-so or anything - Justin Vernon and company's latest venture does all its earth-shattering on its own footing. Unlike the debut 'For Emma, Forever Ago', this wasn't tailored in a far-flung Wisconsin cabin, but instead comes off more assured and slick (but not too glossy). 'Holocene' is bonnier than Pippa Middleton in a tutu, mingling slow-burning finger-picking with awry saxophone. And 'Calgary' sees to the expiry date of romance ("Don't you cherish me to sleep") by way of loaded, wholehearted harmonies. Phwoar, what an album.

Best Track