Monday, August 1

Album Of Last Month

Benjamin Francis Leftwich 'Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm' (Dirty Hit)

These days, one can't stroll a mile without bumping into the next singer-songwriter/folk supremo/lone chansonnier to take over from the last one. And he may well be all of the above, but there's something striking about Yorkshire's Benjamin Francis Leftwich, made blatant by this ten-track debut album. 'Pictures' opens up with a Marling-territory milieu, which pretty much sets the grounds for all else to come. 'Atlas Hands', whose rights no doubt T-Mobile are scrapping for this very minute (don't do it, Benjamin!), is defo one to hand the grandkids, while 'Don't Go Slow' - although straightforward - wishes for love like a Kensington trollop... Awww, it feels like Christmas.

Best Track