Friday, February 1

Album Of Last Month

Everything Everything 'Arc' (Sony RCA)

Sorry to break it to you, but GaGa really ain't that weird. Neither is Minaj, Paloma or any other of the "I'M MAD, ME!" fraternity who've got 'Quirkeee' carved in to their premium contracts. But a band who straight-up sling anything and everything at the wall then see what sticks, only to OCD it into sheeny harmonic, catchy-as-f**k, about-as-original-as-indie-gets pop? That's weird. And, following 2010's Mercury-nommed debut Man Alive, it's on second album Arc where we meet Everything Everything again. "Yeah... so... um... wait a second," snaps the startling opening of 'Cough Cough', before fidgeting into a worthy beep-bopping tale of greed. The good news is it gets even better; 'Duet' briefly drops the jiggling for tender violin and comes off like Alt-J bed-wetting the night before Comic-Con. Singer Jonathan Higgs screeches tighter than ever on 'Undrowned', and 'Feet For Hands' has him in gripping self-ruin ("I've had enough of all the lights... I'm done with answering the phone"). But 'Radiant' wins best track, as one picky guitar riff bites at Higgs's anti-lazy spiel. It's his angst that makes Arc so engrossing, and Arc's twitching that makes Everything Everything so special.