Saturday, September 12

These Are The Best Two Days In My United-Supporting Life (Or At Least Post-SAF, Anyway)

Day 1: David de Gea signs a new contract, showing that he's happy, focussed and ready to go this season. He'll probably still go to Evil Madrid eventually - but at least now we'll get some value for him and keep the best goalkeeper in the world for a bit longer... And maybe, just maybe, his contract is a message to Evil Madrid that he now hates their evil ass for intentionally sabotaging his deadline-day transfer, and he'll stay at Utd forever and ever and ever.

Day 2: Beat our biggest rivals 3-1 in the biggest game of LVG's Utd career, after his strict tactics cost us against Newcastle and Cunts Swansea. The first half was reflective of the season so far, but then we showed great will - Utd will - in the second half, mostly thanks to Ashley Young. Him, DdG, Darmian, Smalling, Blind, Shaw, Schweinsteiger and Herrera were all superb... Oh, and Anthony Martial? That goal is better than any Thierry Henry ever scored. :-)

So, after the two worst days post-Ferguson, we get the two best... Woodward can still fuck off, though.