Sunday, May 29

José Mourinho, You Better Fucking Respect Us

Sunday, May 15


How do you steal the thunder of Manchester United's worst moment in its history?

By staging an elaborate security blunder which causes the game to be abandoned at the risk of becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Ok, not finishing in the Top 4 isn't the worst moment in United's history. But since 1992/93? It's right fucking up there.

Thanks to Swansea City being utterly cunty pansies, we are officially going backwards. A post-Ferguson transition, this is no more. This is going from 7th to 4th to... 5th or fucking 6th.

This means it'll take even longer to get back to where we should be. We're at square one all over again.

So, Ed Woodward and Louis van Gaal both have to be fired. They are equally responsible for this mess and no longer deserve to be in charge.

Woodward should have fucking sacked VG after Norwich in December, as I stated after Norwich in December. Not to mention everything else the scared, bumbling moron is fucking up.

Van Gaal? Christ. I honestly like the guy, BUT HE DOESN'T GET UNITED. OR THE PREMIER LEAGUE. 46 goals?!?!?! The fact we are in this mess all cos of goal difference says everything that needs to be said about him.

Seriously. News all over the world is going on about United's 'red face' after such a stupid security mishap - but there's only one thing to be embarrassed about: the transition is over. :-(

Tuesday, May 10

Tonight: The Biggest Game Since May 2013 And Revenge For 1995

Let's fucking win this.